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For the anonymous athlete navigating NIL.

Who we are

altho agncy. is a personal branding agency for the anonymous college athlete.

Built by Branding Experts & Professional Athletes with over fifteen years of combine executive experience in elevated brand building and strategy implementation, existing to support in developing disruptive strategies that actually work.

How we started

We believe an athlete's story goes beyond their performance. With purposeful storytelling, performance is no longer the only thing that defines an athlete.

Our goal is to help athlete’s re-imagine who they have the opportunity to impact and spaces they have the most impact in. We know first hand that when you understand what you offer and why you offer it, your unique value becomes evident to brands. And when your value is clear, the possibilities are endless.

What we offer

This awareness generates endless opportunities with brands and partners that athletes otherwise wouldn’t have pursued. The combination of both our product and services helps to emphasize the importance of understanding what you offer, knowing how to pitch it, and leveraging your reputation to create long-lasting impact off the field.

how it works


Build your

Build your brand identity
using our product, Brand On Purpose, to empower and guide you through the process.


Create a strategy.

Partner with our experts to
develop organic digital strategies
that generate electric brand awareness and lead to ideal collaborations.


Execute on purpose.

Leverage our ongoing services to create authentic content, meaningful connections, and build on the success of your brand.

Our Product

Designed for college athletes to build sustainable opportunities through their unique positioning.

We know an athlete’s time is scarce, that’s why we developed a mobile optimized course that includes pre-recorded lessons ranging from 5-10 minutes each. Our product, Brand On Purpose, is packed with 90 minutes of pre-recorded content, outlined brand strategies, and interactive worksheets to help maximize the athlete’s outcome.

For the athlete looking to...


Build an identity outside of their sport


Successfully position and pitch themselves


Authentically create partnerships aligned with their personal brand


Capitalize on opportunities while they have both influence and a platform

What You'll Learn

Module 1
Connect To Your Purpose

Preparation breeds confidence. This module was designed to help you better understand your purpose, and from there, build a solid foundation for your personal brand. You’ll walk away with clarity, vision, and a Purpose Statement used to powerfully convey what makes you unique both on and off the field.

Module 2
Understand Your Impact

As an athlete, you offer a unique set of skills. This module was designed to help you build your brand around those skills, so that you can monetize your uniqueness and maximize your impact. You’ll use your Brand Blueprint to define who your brand is and how to tell your story.

Module 3
Lead With Your Personal Brand

We believe athletes are the OG influencers. This means you have the ability to open doors most can’t and connect with more people than you ever thought was possible. In this module you’ll reimagine who you have the opportunity to impact and the spaces you have the most impact in. You’ll walk away with a roadmap that will lead you directly to your ideal audience.

Module 4
Establish Your Brand Standards

Your brand standards provide direction and guidance to ensure your brand stays both relevant and consistent. This module was designed to help you make purposeful decisions like, who to partner with and what that partnership should look like. You’ll use our customized digital resume template to plug in the foundational assets you’ve developed throughout this course, and purposefully pitch your personal brand.

Our Pricing

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Brand on Purpose


Meet the Team

Athlo’s goal is to combine performance and purpose to more powerfully position athletes as thought leaders, while empowering them to create opportunities that go beyond their sport. The agency’s Co-founders have 15+ years of combined experience in brand building, product development, digital marketing, and athletics.

Athlo Co-founder and branding expert, Aly Nauta, left her role as Digital Strategy Lead for Lululemon and began her own creative agency in 2014. Aly’s agency specializes in brand integration, disruptive digital marketing, and community activation. One of the many things that makes Connective Consulting unique is their Discover Session that takes place at the forefront of every client engagement. This very framework, rolled out to nationally known brands such as Nordstrom, Tony Robbins, Design Hotels and more, became the foundation for Athlo’s course, Brand on Purpose.

Athlo’s course combines both Aly’s branding expertise and Co-founder, Isaac Nauta’s experience as both a college and professional athlete, to help athletes truly tap into who they are off the field.

Isaac’s reputation as an All-American athlete began with his ranking as a 5-star recruit and #1 tight-end in the country while playing at both Buford High School and IMG Academy. He was then selected as an Army All-American and signed with the University of Georgia. Following Isaac’s career at UGA, he was drafted by the Detroit Lions, played with the Green Bay Packers and entered his fourth year in the league as a free agent. Off the field, his mission is to motivate others to be the best version of themselves, by challenging their thoughts and facilitating vision, to cultivate fulfilling opportunities through a winning mindset.

Athlo Co-founder, Jay Fuller, is at the forefront of implementing this product as a personal development tool within Universities and other athlete organizations. Jay decided to pursue his passion for athletics and majored in sports management at Ohio University. Prior to Athlo, Jay Co-founded and sold two small businesses and continues to consult for both Saas and tech startups with a focus on partnerships, strategy, and business development. Jay has activated partnerships with Men’s Health, GoPuff, NBA All-Star Weekend, and more!

This dynamic trio knows first hand the importance of understanding what you offer, knowing how to pitch it, and leveraging your reputation to impact in a big way.

Our Services

A suite of services, offered to both athletes and athlete organizations, that support in brand awareness and growth.

As a branding agency made up of creatives and developers, we offer individual services such as logo design, brand guide development, package design, content creation, business development, website development, and more!
What Pro Athletes Say


We understand that your time is scarce and you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Balancing study halls, tutoring sessions, workouts, meetings and your social life can all be stressful, but setting yourself up for future success shouldn’t be. That’s why our course is mobile optimized and our pre-recorded lessons range from just 5-10 minutes.

We wanted to make it both easy and digestible for you to build your personal brand on-the-go. 

The course includes 90 minutes of interactive pre-recorded lessons as well as worksheets and resources to help maximize your outcome.

You’ll hear us say this a lot, preparation breeds confidence. Before successfully executing a play, you review a playbook. The same concept applies when successfully navigating and executing collaborations. 

When you understand what you offer and why you offer it, your unique value becomes evident to brands. When your value is clear, the possibilities are endless. This could look like better aligned partnerships,  more money to be negotiated, increased brand visibility, and campaign results that keep brands coming back for more.  

Some of the most meaningful deals to date have taken place with athletes that have a following under 10k. The micro-influencer trend has become popular within NIL because athletes with smaller followings come off as more genuine when promoting products.

Not to mention, NIL deals don’t just entail million dollar brand deals for 5-star recruits, monetary incentives to commit, or paid content opportunities found on marketplaces. NIL deals can include investment opportunities for your new business idea and potential job offers once your career as an athlete is over. 

Right now you’re relevant. People know your name and they’ll listen to what you have to say. But what happens when your career as an athlete comes to an end? A year later, someone new and exciting will have taken your place, and as harsh as it is to hear, your relevance will likely fade. 

Pitch your ideas while you can open doors most can’t. Build a platform while people care what you have to say. Create content for brands you’ve dreamed about working for. And leverage your relevance while you still have it. 

After the course you’ll feel empowered to leverage your personal brand in ways you haven’t thought about before. That awareness will generate endless opportunities with brands and partners you otherwise wouldn’t have pursued. Collaborations won’t feel like another daunting task, they’ll feel purposeful and fulfilling. Partnerships won’t just generate a few extra paychecks, they’ll result in more significant monetary value and possible job offers. 

The combination of your Brand Blueprint, personalized statements, and digital resume, will unlock the potential of your personal brand. 

And then what? As an agency, we don’t want anything from you. The goal of us existing, first and foremost, is to be an advocate of YOU. After the course, we want to support you on your journey by offering continued curriculum related to your learnings along the way. As we build out our monthly subscription platform, launching March 2023, subscribe for updates and first-time access.    

As a branding agency made up of creatives and developers, we offer individual services such as logo design, brand guide development, package design, content creation, business development, website development, and more! If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, shoot us an email at

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